About Us


The firm as presently constituted was registered under the name of Wamae & Allen Advocates. The firm was founded after Paul Matheri Wamae, Charles Wambugu Wamae and Allen Waiyaki Gichuhi recognised the need to create a new and dynamic law firm that would bring about greater expertise, depth and value to the practise of law and client satisfaction.


The firm’s slogan is “Responsive Accurate Innovative Negotiators”. The slogan personifies and exemplifies the vision of the firm that places the client’s needs on the pedestal of excellence. In a competitive legal environment, the firm will ensure that the client will benefit from prompt and efficient legal service through the provision of effective and innovative legal solutions. Communication is the key to success and the client will be timely informed of the progress of the matters and alerted of any imminent delays and of the solutions to overcome unforeseen obstacles.


  • A strong commitment to our clients. We focus the firm’s resources towards developing products and service delivery which add value to their business.
  • Expeditious and satisfactory delivery of services. We have put in place an effective task-turn-around-time policy in our operations and we therefore accomplish legal assignments within the specific needs of a client and at the most affordable cost.
  • Our commitment to client care is among the guiding pillars. The client benefits from the provision of training seminars as part of our client care strategy. Our strength is knowledge and technology
  • We emphasize on continuous education for both the Advocates and the Subordinate staff to ensure a flow of fresh ideas and improved understanding of the ever changing needs of our clients .
  • Our fully computerized and networked system, office inter-communication within the firm is user friendly and therefore ensures efficiency.
  • Our Library is well equipped to facilitate access to current and relevant legal materials.


Our Memberships in professional organizations offer a source of intellect from which our clientele stands to benefit from.
The firm is also affiliated to other law firms in the region ensuring that we keep abreast of the ever-changing legal trends.